Bed Size is generally taken for the dimensions of a mattress and the names of its standard sizes. According to their dimensions, bed size is classified into four groups main groups, including the single or the twin, double or full, the queen and the king size bed. Among all these, the king size bed is the largest size and is perfect for couples.

Bed sizes or dimensions differ significantly all over the world, with most countries using their specific standards and terminology. For instance, going by the Australian sizes standards, the dimensions of a king size bed are 183 cm x 203 cm (72 in x 80 in). However, in United States of America the king size bed is 193 cm x 203 cm (76 in x 80 in) in dimensions. Therefore, clients who intend to purchase a king size beds made in Australia, need to know the standard length and width before purchasing it, as you may otherwise end up taking a bed which don’t fit with your mattresses.

As king size beds comes in variations like the standard king and the California king. With 203.2 cm x 193 cm in dimensions, Standard king or eastern king bed is similar to the queen size bed, except for that it is wider. However, California king or western king bed, has the same width that of standard king, but is slightly longer.

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